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Ayurvedic Facial

Getting a facial is not only relaxing and rejuvenating to the face but also the mind. Facial allow you to focus on your breathing and regain your confidence in having healthy beautiful skin.


Step 1: Double-cleanse the skin 
Step 2: Steaming the face -Steaming the face helps to open the pores and loosen the build-up of oil & impurities for a deeper cleanse.
Step 3: Exfoliating helps to buff away dead skin cells & unclog the pores for a more radiant-looking complexion.
Step 4: appy a mask.Three options available
1) Sheet Mask: Well-liked for their ease of use, sheet masks are often moisturizing & packed

with antioxidants. To enjoy a cooling experience & boost the calming effects of sheet magic.
2) Peel of mask: Peel of the mask provides & an intense clean with less mess than a traditional
clay mask. These masks have been shown to moisturize skin better than traditional lotion.
3) Hydrogels: Hydrogels are made of a thick gel that delivers intense ingredients they are
suitable for eye masks or other spot treatments because they improve hydration, especially
when combined with collagen peptide
Step 5: Massage the skin with facial oil-We use vitamin C oil, retinol 
Step 6: Apply a Moisturiser

Facial help to renew skin cells by circulating the blood flow under the skin which then can decrease puffiness and fluid buildup that comes from your lymphatic system.
Getting facial helps remove the buildup of oil and dirt that an everyday cleanser cannot.
Facial massage stimulates collagen production and strengthens the muscles in your face minimising fine lines and wrinkles and gaining softer smoother skin.

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